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Snow is unknown in even Dalyan, you can only see it on the horizon on the mountain peaks. In contrast, the thermometer rises in summer to up to 35 degrees Celsius, with a steady wind from the sea and dry air very well tolerated. In autumn and spring you will find pleasant temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees. At night, the temperature does not drop below 15 degrees.

Wildlife and vegetation

The far reaching delta of the Dalyan River with its lakes and tributaries and enough groundwater gives this region a lush, evergreen vegetation. Our Villa Türkys is idyllically surrounded by orange groves. Cotton, date palms, avocado, sesame and pomegranate flourish in the huge river delta. In May the oleander blooms. There is a stork colony on the road from Dalyan to Ortaca, where our villa is located. Meanwhile, there has also established a small stork park, with small paths, observation points and some restaurants. In addition to the famous turtles, there are more than 150 species of birds and many rare species of butterflies in Dalyan's surroundings, but also in the spring and November there are tons of mushrooms in the area.

Eat Drink

  The Turkish cuisine is known for its spices, which you should try for a meal at home. For your self catering we recommend the colorful and rich weekly market in the center of Dalyan on Saturdays. In the village you will also find several supermarkets but also a number of small shops with a rich selection. In the numerous restaurants there is everything the heart and the stomach demand - except pork: salads, steaks, Italian and Turkish pizzas (Pide, Lahmacun) as well as various pasta and egg and vegetable dishes. The menus are usually written in Turkish and English. Efes, the Turkish beer and the Turkish wines (not so cheap) are highly recommended, as well as a Turkish liquor (Raki) after the meal. Ayran, a cold yoghurt drink with water and a little salt, and of course the Turkish tea (Cay) in the handy little glasses, is particularly tasty.


The nearest private hospital is in the neighboring Ortaca (has a particularly good reputation), there you will also find a German-speaking dentist. Many drugs that have been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as basic (for example, for high blood pressure, gout, anti-inflammatory agents, but also Viagra, etc.), you get in contrast to Germany directly from the pharmacist without a prescription, on very favorable terms.


You do not have to speak Turkish to be understood in Dalyan. With English, from and sometimes with German you get through the holiday.

Price / Trade

Turkey is especially cheap for you. For a GBP you get z.Z. around 5 Turkish Lira. A bread costs, e.g. 1 lira, a bottle of beer 6 to 8 lira, in the restaurant 12 to 15 lira.

In the grocery stores, restaurants and specialty shops you pay fixed prices. But action is still part of business in Turkey. But the prices on the bazaars are becoming more and more similar (due to the possibilities of comparison on the internet) and fixed prices are often demanded. For clothing, carpets, jewelry, etc., but you should not get involved in the proposed prices. Here, action continues to count! For boat trips to the beach or over the lake you should prefer the "public boats" which are considerably cheaper. You will find it in the harbor on the left side. At the left end of the port is also a large public restaurant, which is owned by the Turks and others. is used for weddings, which has reasonable prices and offers a magnificent view of the rock tombs.


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